The geoscientist with a camera

Excursions, master thesis, concerts & parties - Life as a geology student on video

My expertise

Self-employed | Edgar Kutschera
Content Creator | 2018 - Today
Master of Science | 2015
Loves to travel | Home: Potsdam, Brandenburg

Since 2015 always close to geoscientific environment and since 2020 full time videographer, web designer, editor.
I create event films, event trailers, documentaries, music videos, websites and fill social media channels of artists, science projects and companies to generate more visibility and therefore more conversion.

For logo design and merchandising I am available for consulting as well as design.

My skills

Camera work




Travel experience and excursions


Laboratory experience






Sound design




Vector graphics


Content planning


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Content Creator in a roundabout way

One could have guessed earlier which vocation I would pursue, but I decided to gain deep experience in natural sciences and to study geology first. On excursions my first video camera was part of my equipment. From then on, it was always with me at events and travels, as well as during parkour training, much to the chagrin of those around me. A website blog was created to tell friends and relatives about my travels with vlogs.

Creatively flexible

Today I feel the gratitude of my friends for all the captured moments. This drove me to offer films and websites professionally since 2019, beyond private use. When my ignited passion became unstoppable in 2020, I quit my job and threw myself into self-employment.

As a self-employed person, I gained the diversion I needed to be motivated to create. My focus broadened beyond research and travel interests and I began to discover a love for filming itself. Beauty is in all things. That's why today I'm happy to be open to different formats: Music video, documentary, event film, corporate film, product film, explanation videos, interviews. I'm as enthusiastic as ever and when you're on fire for your project, it ignites me even more!

non-digital art

Other artistic effusions from a scanner brain

I am a "scanner personality" or also "multipotentialite". This means that I get excited qucikly and prefer to learn and try out many new things at the same time. This inevitably results in projects that can't be pigeonholed, but are a big part of who I am.
The following creative outcomes serve as inspiration and to encourage collaborations.

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