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I am available for new projects.

    I have a problem with a website. Can you solve it?

    Every website is unique and many errors can only be fixed if you can take a look at the whole website structure. Depending on the severity of the error, I will need at least login data to your website. If necessary, you should also have access data to your web hosting ready. I will do my best. Rarely, however, only your hoster can solve the problem, then I will contact them.

    What does ... cost?

    Websites as well as films, shootings and texts are so diverse that I can only answer this question after a short contact. The more precise you can describe your project to me, the clearer I can give you.

    Would you travel for a job, too?

    I love being on the road and traveling! Tell me more about your project and the locations and I'll see how it can be worthwhile for both of us.


    Let's create something together!

    If you have any questions about my services or need more information, I look forward to hearing from you.

    Let's talk about your project.

    You're already energetically involved in a project you're totally passionate about? Let's find ways to push it further.

    Let's talk about your ideas.

    So many ideas and still many uncertainties? Maybe 4 eyes see more than two!

    Let's talk about content.

    You want to provide more content or increase the content variation? I'm up for it!

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