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Modern Metal from Berlin

Navocane is a modern metal band from Berlin with an incredible energy on stage! The love for the music is palpable in every second. Any time I would accompany the band again, even without a camera!

The 5 guys need new content regularly to further expand their online presence and especially to delight fans on YouTube with their new vlog. For this purpose, I accompanied the metalheads for 2 days with the camera and not only provided them with footage, but also cut a video myself, which expresses the fun with the band.

On-Tour to Freiberg

Instruments and equipment stowed Tetris-like, suitcase and luggage on the lap, shoulder to shoulder pressed into the way too small bus, we went to Freiberg on 06.03.2020! Arrived at TrainControl, a small but very charming shed, I directly searched for nice camera angles, took a look at the lighting conditions and was able to warm up with the first band that evening: "Hillside".

The audience is just as heated and together with the band "Wictims" they opened the usual metal mosh pits and also the crowdsurfers show up! Finally Navocane let TrainControl escalate when the two guitarists simply opened the Wall Of Death in the audience themselves. A perfect evening for me to soak up the atmosphere! I also got a good sweat while I run in the Circle Pit with my camera, jump with the audience and sweep across the stage to also capture close-ups of the musicians, instruments and emotions.

Rockstar feeling in Berlin

Day 2 of the event film project takes us back to the capital to the youth club "Die Klinke". Again, besides Navocane, the deathcore band Wictims is at the start and can look forward to fresh footage for new social media content afterwards!

Also the second evening totally sweeps me away and I lose myself in my task as an event filmmaker and lie on the floor in addition to the usual repertoire to really capture the most extraordinary shots of the band and the energy in the room.

Due to the Corona situation the further tour had to be postponed now, but I'm already looking forward to more mosh nights with finest metal in the future!


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