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From private blogs to online stores, I create websites for freelancers, companies, doctors, associations, organizations, artists and pretty much anyone who needs a public portfolio or an online presence. In the preliminary meeting together we create a concept for the site structure, user-friendliness and design and you get optionally 1-3 design proposals, before I begin to implement content. Already during website construction we take care that the site will be found by Google as easy as possible (search engine optimization, short SEO). After completion, you will of course have the opportunity to make adjustments and changes.

Security through personal contact persons

For web hosting, i.e. the place where your website is stored on a server, I have a regional contact person. Compared to large providers, we can implement technical features directly at the root and are able to act much faster in case of problems. Regular backups of your website provide additional security!

Continuing support

I am also happy to take over the future maintenance of your website. This includes regular security updates and adaptations to new browser standards. Furthermore, I will gladly feed your blog with additional content such as texts about your services, products, news from your industry and everything that can be researched. In addition, I provide licensed or even individually created photos and videos.

Wordpress seminar for independent website maintenance

I also offer a workshop, so that you can edit your website yourself or write blog entries in the future. You will learn the basics of using the WordPress user interface, how to create new pages and posts, add new references, moderate visitor comments or add products to your own online store.

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