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Passionate videographer

The creation of event films, infovideos and social media video editing is the result of years of passion. Through regularly appearing sports and travel vlogs, I repeatedly dealt with current video editing trends, which ultimately led to a professional approach to editing, cutting, color grading (color correction) and sound design. This includes not only skills with the software on the PC, but also the use of high-quality 4K cameras.

My equipment is enthusiasm

But in the end, you cannot recognize a real film enthusiast by the expensive equipment, but by how he moves. Above all, a lively film is created when the cameraman himself flows through the scene and only stops to pan, zoom, kneel down or roll on the floor for special shots (all of which have already happened). Creative editing transitions also need to be initiated on set through camera movement. For especially smooth camera shots with a lot of movement, I use a gimbal.

Great cinema through little helpers

The use of action cameras (GoPro) runs through a large part of my film projects. Due to their small size and weight, they can be used in places and circumstances where a system camera would no longer be fast and inexpensive.

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    Would you travel to...

    Yes, I’d love to. I truly enjoy traveling and have a genuine passion for exploring new places around the world. If the project requires travel, I would be more than happy to make the necessary arrangements to ensure its success.

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