Assemblage Trailer

A piece of the 101concrete company

  • 101concrete Company
  • Concept creation
  • Video recordings of rehearsals of the performance
  • Drone operation
  • Video editing
  • Embedding in website

Where is our individuality?

The core element in the piece “Assemblage” is a 4m bamboo cane, which moves continuously in a circle like a clock hand. It was immediately clear to me that we had to use a drone here, which looks down on the performance from above.

My personal goal: A trailer that consists only of top-down scenes!

Assemblage questions the rhythms imposed on us by society and capitalism. The performers allow themselves to be hindered, restricted and demotivated in their freedom. But with mutual help they are able to exploit this forced rhythm, to deal with it creatively and to regain freedom in their movements. This is my interpretation of the piece.


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