Coach Europe, Edinburgh


  • Parkour Outreach
  • Eventfilm
  • Videography / camera operator
  • Editing

About Coach Europe


Coach Europe is planned in such a way that the event will change its venue every year. This way, new Parkour communities all over Europe will be allowed to host the event again and again. Parkour Outreach, Access Parkour and Parkour Movement invited to the first Coach Europe in Edinburgh, Scotland!

The focus here is on the exchange between trainers to learn new experiences and methods. For this purpose, however, curious beginners were also invited, because training methods are better learned by doing than only in discussion groups!

The mission

I was able to feel how traceurs from many corners of Europe grow together and the community thrives together! Since I am active in Parkour/Art du Déplacement sport myself, it was very interesting for me to find the balance between filming and participating. During long training sessions with the whole crew, there was enough time to switch between calm camera operation and fast, reactive parkour movements (without camera) according to my mood. Another day was characterized by many short workshops, slightly scattered around the city. Since I wanted to capture as many workshops as possible on film, I didn’t have time to take any workshop seriously this time. But I had the opportunity to be present at all workshops with the camera! I was less physically active, but could gain many new training impressions. Not only for myself, but also for the future audience of the event film!

Camera traceur

In 2019, I wished to combine parkour and filming more often in the future. Until then, I had to decide between the two options. With the Wald+Asphalt event in Potsdam 2020 this wish came true, where I was allowed to chase traceurs with the camera. I can imagine similar chase videos with skateboarders, mountain bikers, BMXers or whatever you are. I’m hyped! When are we going to meet outside?


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