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Jurassic Parkour Clothing

  • FRANE Clothing
  • Logo design
  • Print design, shirt design and even base caps
  • Web design with independent online store in English language
  • Flex wrap printing, embroidery
  • Photography, videography and social media content
  • Promotion video

The mission

FRANE Clothing combines parkour and freerunning with dinosaur fascination! The philosophy “Life evolves. Sport evolves. You evolve.” has especially in the, fast evolving Parkour sport certainly still a long time. The brand should unite the different athletes from Parkour, Freerunning, Tricking and Art du Deplacement. The design and production of shirts and bags was my first project towards self-employment. Designs I have created in droves and an online store is of course also at the start. Unfortunately I put this project on hold for now to dedicate myself to the event film and web design business, but in the store there are still remaining stocks 😉

Shoot and making of


With the help of photographer Jonas Zeidler, we not only shot product photos, promotional photos and banners for the online store, but also captured the shoot in a small film clip right away. The shooting in the T-Rex costume was immense fun and I hope to unpack it again this summer!

Online Shop


Numerous products in many variations can be offered via the online store. The store system automatically provides information about how many items are left and when they need to be reordered. In the event of a sale, this is also displayed to the customer online.

Various payment and shipping methods are possible, as well as email notifications to the customer. Just a very usual store!


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