Website and photography

  • Maul + Partner Consult GmbH
  • Responsive web design
  • Project booklet
  • Reference photos
  • Banner photos
  • Website structural planning
  • Accompaniment of a technician for one day

The mission

“Maul + Partner Ingenieurbüro” is the contact in matters of building ground, soil protection and contaminated sites in Potsdam and Berlin. They lay the foundations for the realization of everything from single-family homes to business towers. They take over the subsoil investigations, analyze the soil samples in the in-house laboratory, accompany the construction and ensure the quality, carry out earth static calculations, write subsoil reports, etc.

The website has been fundamentally redesigned and lots of competencies have been added. In the future, it will offer much more information for interested parties and has been optimized to guide the customer as effectively as possible to the information he/she needs. Furthermore, new references can be added continuously.

Present references

In order to fill the website with life right from the start, I accompanied the technicians on a sunny day with my camera and took photos for website banners and thumbnails, as well as a few photos to better explain workflows.

On other days I drove through Potsdam and Berlin to document important references of the company, which today fill the reference subpage. In constant exchange with each other, current recordings can be made again and again to keep the website up to date.


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