Mona Lisa

Casemod of a desktop PC

The mission

I wanted to create more space at my desk and get rid of this clunky block under the table. “Casemodding”, i.e. the design of PC cases, fascinated me especially in my younger years. On the wall the PC doesn’t take up any space. But what you hang on the wall should look decorative. Just like a painting. Like the Mona Lisa!


Arrangement planning

So I decided to place all the components on a dark surface with a carbon look. The arrangement of the components had to be carefully planned, so that the cabling, hidden behind the plate, remains manageable, but the design does not suffer. Usually, the graphics card is on the motherboard, which I could not do if I want to achieve the flattest possible painting.

Riser cable

With the help of a riser cable, I was also able to lay the graphics card flat. There are big price differences for riser cables and I quickly learned that the cheap ones are completely useless due to lack of shielding. The data from the graphics card was transmitted so poorly that I had no picture at all. A high quality riser cable solved the problem.

I have outdone myself

Addressable LED Strip

Acrylic glass (Plexiglas) has the wonderful property to refract light at the edges. Thus, it is enough to drill a notch for the LED strip. The light is then directed to the edges of the pane, illuminating the perimeter of all PC components. Best of all, I used a WS2812B addressable LED strip. That means each LED is individually controllable! So I can achieve totally wicked effects with a built-in LED player via the program “Jinx!” and have pulsing, running lights, color change, playback of colors on the screen, sound-to-light, etc.


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