Gig Video

  • Wictims
  • Video of the gig
  • Social media content
  • Videography / camera operator
  • Editing

Czech deathcore

Wictims is a deathcore band from the Czech Republic, which I had the pleasure to meet on tour with Navocane. The bands seem to be friends for a long time and shared the stage 2 nights in a row. Wictim’s genre-typical, illegible logo seems just as brutal as the merciless vocals, riffs and drums! The band members, however, are quite tame, open-hearted guys. After all, they know their stuff and have been allowed to gather quite a bit of experience with gigs or even member changes since 2005.

Warm-up filming

I warmed up with this band on an evening when I accompanied Navocane. So I tried nice camera angles and pans, adjusted the camera for the lighting conditions and tested different lenses at different positions in the room.

After the performance of the Wictims, the frontman also came directly to me and asked if they could use the video footage. In addition, we agreed that I would also film explicitly for the band on the following day in Berlin.

A short summary of the evenings as a video was created out of personal interest. Furthermore, I am curious how the band will use the recordings on their social media channels.


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