NGE Itasha & Karinchan Cosplay

Promotion video

  • Karinchan Cosplay
  • Promotion video
  • Social media content
  • Videography / camera operator
  • Editing
  • various aspect ratios

The setup

MEX Anime Convention, Berlin

Berlin’s largest anime manga convention offers pretty much everything that makes the heart of the Japan geek beat faster: Dance and show performances, meetings of famous cartoonists and authors, karaoke, gaming, much more Japan-related stuff and of course cosplay! The effort that goes into the costumes, most of which are handmade, is simply breathtaking! Especially in the garden of the exhibition center, cosplayers exchange ideas, are happy to meet characters from their favorite series and manga and are usually also very interested in a photo shoot, so that they can subsequently supply their social media channels with new content.

Videoshoot with Karinchan Cosplay

Karinchan has already asked on Facebook fan pages for suitable photographers in advance and came across a videographer for the first time. The concept of capturing cosplays in video form is still a rather rare specialty. But that’s exactly what I wanted to do! There were at least a lot of ideas in my head. As a content creator I had the chance to create outstanding social media posts in the cosplay community!

Karinchan envisioned her Chocola cosplay from the Dōjinshi “Nekopara” for this. Dōjinshi usually refers to short manga that are self-published and not printed in large editions by well-known publishers. Chocola is the twin sister of Vanilla and both are so-called “catgirls”. Yep, all the preconceptions of Japanese subculture really come together here. Cat ears and cat tail included!

ITASHA car design

And it got much better! Karinchan told me that she is on site with N.G.E. Itasha. “I had to google “Itasha” first, too. These are cars decorated with manga/anime motifs. Don’t pillory me for that phrase, but: what an incredible combination of youth fascinations is that, please? Movies, manga, women and fast cars!

Touhou Bstar provided his Audi TT N8 ABT on site. He welcomed the project as well, as it was clear to him that it will probably be the last opportunity to show off his beloved Itasha before all the adhesive films are removed and a new design is applied. The “Sword Art Online” design of the car, which can be seen in the video, no longer exists today.

Social Media Content „WIN WIN WIN“

In the end, 3 people were happy: For Karinchan I created some Instagram posts, as well as an overall video to introduce her Chocola cosplay. At the same time, I was able to create a nice memory for Touhou Bstar, as well as probably the whole N.G.E. Itasha community. I myself was very grateful to be able to tackle such an interest-combining project, and to meet 2 such passionate and open-minded cosplayers. Greetings go out!


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