Wald + Asphalt Eventfilm

Teaser and after-movie



  • Potsdam in Bewegung - Akademy
  • Camera accompaniment for 4 days
  • Teaser & aftermovie
  • Teaser with children privacy protection

ADD Festival

From August to October 2020, the Wald + Asphalt ADD Festival took place. ADD? That means Art du Déplacement and is what later gave rise to Parkour and Freerunning. The reference to Art du Déplacement was especially important at this event, as members of the founding group Yamakasi from France were invited to coach.

Over a period of 3 months, there were various offers for all age groups between 5 and 110 years, for families, beginners and advanced. Sports were played in the Potsdam neighborhoods Waldstadt, Drewitz and Schlaatz.

The challenge of chasing athlets and data protection

Because of the event taking place at several weekends I could use footage from the first weekend to edit a trailer for follwoing workshops. It was exciting to see how I would manage to create a teaser that would make you want more, without showing the faces of the children! Depth of field was the magic word in this case! With the help of an ND filter, this was very well implemented in summer lighting conditions.

In addition, this sporting event offered me countless opportunities to use a gimbal. A device that keeps the camera stable and shake-free during the fast movements. It was a long-awaited dream: the combination of cameraman and traceur! For a few scenes I had to overcome obstacles, just like the person in front of the camera, while holding my equipment in my hand.


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