CarSigner explainer video

How-To for the car wrapping configurator

  • Mercedes shoot
  • Video concept / script for spoken word
  • Video editing
  • Voice over
  • Embedded in website

Design vehicles online

With the CarSigner at LUK-DESIGN, vehicles can be designed online with a wide variety of motifs and vehicle foils. In addition to countless templates, you can also upload your own photos and graphics and apply them to your vehicle. The selection of car brands is enormous and for some selected models there is even a 3D view!

Explanatory video for the CarSigner at LUK-DESIGN from Luckenwalde with a Mercedes CLA. The CarSigner is a car wrapping configurator.

In addition, video content can be perfectly distributed on social media.

Thoughts on the concept

For social media posts or even social media advertising, it’s important to convey what it’s about in the first few seconds so that the viewer stays tuned. That’s why I focused on the spoken words in the first few seconds and enhanced their effect with the text animation.

Afterwards, you can immediately see a possible result from the CarSigner. For this purpose, LUK-DESIGN provided me with a fully foiled Mercedes CLA. With this, I hope that a viewer feels addressed and will now listen carefully while I explain the CarSigner.

The how-to is designed in such a way that it can be used very well in parallel to trying it out yourself, if you press the pause button every now and then. Several small animations keep the viewer’s attention, but do not disturb the flow of information.

Fitting to the conclusion I show again the result in the form of the Mercedes CLA lent to me and wish a lot of fun with the CarSigner.


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