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Social media profiles are quickly created, but rarely quickly filled. However, a comprehensive online presence offers great potential to increase awareness of your project and gain new fans or even attract new customers. Posting regularly is essential to build a community first. “Content” includes all possibilities to reach target groups online. This includes (blog) texts, images, photos, videos or audios as podcasts that add value to the new online community. Whether you’ve already collected material that just needs polishing or new social media content needs to be created, I’m excited to help you with creating that content!


Photos are able to transmit emotions and information in a fraction of a second and are, along with texts and films, irreplaceable additions to an online presence. Of course, photos are also taken during film projects, but at this point I like to involve the photo specialists. That means I have a small but motivated network of event photographers, sports photographers, as well as photographers for portraits, landscapes, architecture, animals, families, weddings, fantasy…

Video content

The number of short films is constantly increasing, especially on Instagram. The hype surrounding the TikTok app is a major contributor to this. No wonder, fans or customers can hardly be addressed more directly! The combination of image and sound is able to convey a large amount of information in a few seconds. And anyone who observes their own social media behavior will notice that we quickly scroll on if the post can’t convey the essentials to us in just a few seconds. Whether you’re an individual, artist, band, club, organization or company, everyone can benefit from this format. Together we create high-quality event impressions, info videos, product films, action clips and entertainment.

Simple way to your own website

From private blogs to online stores, I create websites for freelancers, companies, doctors, associations, organizations, artists and pretty much anyone who needs a public portfolio or an online presence. In the preliminary meeting together we create a concept for the site structure, user-friendliness and design and you get optionally 1-3 design proposals, before I begin to implement content. Already during website construction we take care that the site will be found by Google as easy as possible (search engine optimization, short SEO). After completion, you will of course have the opportunity to make adjustments and changes.

Blogpost and news copywriter

A great opportunity to gain more reach is a regularly maintained blog. We often consult Google and find answers and how-to’s in blogs of other people and companies. If your website offers additional value, be it entertainment or knowledge gain, you can benefit tremendously as well. The more textual content on a website, the more can be found in Google queries. The chances that you will be found increase! For the creation of these texts I will discuss the respective topic in detail with you or I will do an online research myself.

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