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Illegal tropical wood in instruments

Foresttunes is a campaign that draws attention to the use of tropical wood in musical instruments. Peer Cyriacks himself is a passionate guitarist and he had to realize very quickly that tropical wood is used completely unnecessarily in a large number of instruments. The problem: 90% of tropical wood comes from illegal mining and is thus partly responsible for the destruction of the rainforests. After numerous visits to the rainforests of Southeast Asia and as deputy director of Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V., he brings the necessary know-how to the table.

Fighting spirit and commitment

For this he needs your help. He is raising this campaign PRIVATELY! With his own resources. What kind of fighting spirit is that? You know the drill: follow and share on Instagram.
And before your next purchase, ask your dealer where the wood in the instrument came from. In all likelihood, he/she won’t be able to answer that question, but that’s not necessarily the point. You are creating an awareness that strengthens the use of native woods. For this goal Peer Cyriacks is on the way and has made some interviews with dealers, foresters, but also with the opposite side. Good luck my good man!

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