Web design and blog posts

  • Planning, concept and design
  • Tile design development
  • Copywriting
  • Photography and image editing
  • Regular blog maintenance including topic research

The mission

For the advertising and lettering company LUK-DESIGN UG from Luckenwalde I worked as an online marketing manager for some time. After the introduction of a new corporate design, the company needed a complete redesign of the website. In joint consultation, not only a fundamentally new web design was set up, but the online presence was also filled with necessary content. This includes texts and images for the start page, departments, company and team presentation.

In my role as content creator and blog post copywriter, I regularly spoke with employees about current company projects to write weekly blog posts for the company and then share them on Facebook and Twitter as well.


Home page with individual tiles

The company’s colors, which were newly defined at that time, are of course reflected in the entire design. At the time, the two managing directors already knew exactly that they wanted a tile design reminiscent of the familiar Windows tiles in the Start menu. A smart choice, since many viewers are already used to this way of organizing the portfolio through their operating system and would quickly find their way around.

The portfolio tiles are followed by the news feed, which displays the latest blog posts in a carousel.

Contact details are easily visible on the home page so that the viewer can contact the company as quickly as possible. Furthermore, a contact form is attached to the bottom of the homepage. At the top left is the access to social media pages, which regularly provide customers and interested parties with news.


Responsive design

One of the most important technical innovations for the website was the automatic adaptation to any screen size. Thus, not only on the desktop version, but also the smartphone and tablet versions are optimized for the referring device.

Regular blog maintenance

I stay in constant contact with employees of the company. Either by phone, Skype, e-mail or if necessary by personal meeting. This way I am always informed about current projects and changes within the company and can write blog texts accordingly. Especially in the early days as a content creator there, I was increasingly on hand to take photos and short videos myself, when cars and fire engines were labeled, jerseys were printed or engravings were pending. Over time, the staff team was also able to take photos themselves to meet the requirements of the web design. Thus, I no longer had to be on site and photos are now sent to me, whereupon I only insert them into the appropriate blog texts.

Links to blog posts are shared on Facebook and Twitter to give potential new customers easy access to the site.

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